Fur Coat

Fur and bare legs… It’s a thing.  Lots of people say “If it’s cold enough for fur, then it’s too cold for bare legs.”  Quotes like that, to me, seem like getting dressed based only on a concept rather than reality.  I find that if my core is warm (especially my arms and legs) some cool weather feels good and seems to balance my body temperature.

We have to remember that when people go out for the day, they’re not spending hours and hours walking around outside– we’re in and out of shops, in and out of cars, in and out of apartments–  If anything, I get too warm during the winter wearing my coat around all the time.  Also, remember that the temperatures in the morning and at the end of the day (when we’re going back and forth to work) are different than at lunchtime when the sun is in full force.

Dressing for the weather is a very inaccurate science, and quoting tired concepts or rules only shows a lack of understanding for the variety in our lives.

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